How To Be Creative

Discover Tools To Spark New Ideas


Join me and a select group of like-minded professionals in a FREE 45-minute workshop! You’ll gain tools and methods for expanding your thinking and sparking new ideas.

Key Takeaways

Six Tools For Generating New Ideas

You’ll have a whole toolkit to take into your next project as well as processes to practice when you’re feeling stuck.

Artistic v Creative

You’ll learn the difference between these two as well as how to recognize and encourage both!

Method For Creating AHA Moments

We’ll demystify those the-idea-came-out-of-nowhere experiences so you can pave the way for more of them.

Access To Additional Resources

You’ll leave with a list of resources to lean on as you use your new creativity muscles!


5-8 Participants | Interactive | 45 minutes | Zoom | Wednesday Sept 22 | 3:00 pm Central

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